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Opera Mini enables you to take your full Web experience to your phone.

Size: 57KB Downloads: 1632 Update:Nov 23, 2010

Do you experience slow Internet browsing? Get the fastest, most cost-effici...

Size: 3.3 MB Downloads: 423 Update:Jun 27, 2012

Read and Search the Holy Quran on your mobile phone.

Size: 823KB Downloads: 38 Update:Aug 18, 2010

Control the background MP3 playback with this software.

Size: 2KB Downloads: 4 Update:Feb 10, 2010

The Holy Quran is last and final revelation from God to mankind.

Size: 114KB Downloads: 3 Update:Jun 09, 2010

Video converter for variety of formats and remote file manager.

Size: 9.7MB Downloads: 3 Update:Aug 18, 2010

Save on Calling and IM from your mobile phone.

Size: 230KB Downloads: 3 Update:Aug 19, 2010

HTML Viewer contains two functionalities. First, as first page you will en...

Size: 16KB Downloads: 3 Update:Sep 29, 8487

RNS:: Clie AudioPlayer Stylus Volume and Position Hack is a great audio player.

Size: 2KB Downloads: 2 Update:Jul 02, 2010

TC Assist is a tool designed to assist in filling out daily timecard entries.

Size: 15.9 Downloads: 2 Update:Jun 26, 2009

Medical dictionary with over 38,000 terms

Size: 545KB Downloads: 2 Update:Jun 29, 2010

bilingual, bidirectional guide to Spanish and American English containing

Size: 3045KB Downloads: 2 Update:Jul 16, 2010

Designed to guide users through the skeletal system.

Size: 14.5MB Downloads: 1 Update:Jan 21, 2010

Hand: Treatment Strategies is for both general and interventional cardiologists.

Size: 972KB Downloads: 1 Update:Jan 20, 2010

The Holy Quran is last and final revelation from God to mankind.

Size: 115KB Downloads: 1 Update:Jun 10, 2010

This helps me find out if my train is late in the morning.

Size: 20KB Downloads: 1 Update:Feb 15, 2011

Using MobileWrite, it is easy to enter text and data.

Size: 1.33MB Downloads: 1 Update:Jun 18, 2009

View Critical Traffic Information Real-time with over 5000 Traffic Camera Images

Size: KB Downloads: 1 Update:Jun 05, 2013

LaFac is a development tool which works directly from your Palm device.

Size: 385KB Downloads: 1 Update:Jun 23, 2009

Find out how many miles per gallon you're getting.

Size: 1.31MB Downloads: 1 Update:Apr 10, 2013

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